Colorado Springs Drug Crimes Attorney

Colorado Springs Drug Crimes Attorney

It’s intimidating to face drug possession and distribution charges in Colorado – typical drug crimes.  You’re not likely to find sympathy from the courts or the prosecution.  You want an aggressive, experienced, and determined criminal defense attorney to defend your rights.  Because there are so many exceptions and mandatory minimum guidelines in Colorado’s drug laws, it can be difficult to determine what penalties or jail time you may be faced with.

Colorado Drug Crimes Law

Prison time and a felony record are usually the results of a drug conviction for very specific drug crimes.  According to Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) 18-18-403.5, “any material, compound, mixture, or preparation that contains any quantity of a controlled substance listed in schedule III, IV, or V…except flunitrazepam or ketamine commits a class 1 misdemeanor.

Colorado Senate Bill 13-250 breaks drug crimes into two categories:  Drug Misdemeanors (DM) and Drug Felonies (DF).  In Colorado, specific controlled substances are classified as Schedule I, II, III, IV, or V.  Drugs with a lower schedule number are thought to have a higher propensity for addiction or abuse, hence the more serious punishment for possession of these types of drugs.

Punishment for drug crime depends on the type of drug, the quantity (weight) of the drug, and whether or not there was intent to distribute the drug.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

The Possession of a Controlled Substance statute reads that it is illegal to unlawfully and knowingly possess a material, compound, mixture, or preparation containing a narcotic, such as heroin, cocaine or any other scheduled drug.

Prosecutors must be able to prove that you knew that drugs were in your possession.  They don’t have to prove that you were going to ingest them or that you even own them.   When two or more people are arrested for shared possession of a controlled substance, such as when a vehicle is pulled over for an infraction and upon a subsequent search a controlled substance is found, it means that law enforcement agents operate under the assumption that all persons in the vehicle had some level of control over the drugs.  In this scenario, charges of possession become more complicated, and the expertise of an excellent attorney is needed.

A competent defense attorney knows to question government narcotics agents and officers and knows when police and investigators are “overcharging” or have violated your rights during search and seizure.   A charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance is rarely a black-and-white case, and a skilled attorney will help you dissect the exact circumstances of your charges to give you the best defense.

Distribution of Controlled Substances

It is illegal to knowingly dispense, manufacture, sell, or distribute any controlled substance, as well as to intend to distribute or act on any of the above.   So if upon your arrest you had equipment such as baggies, scales, or large amounts of cash in your possession, these can be considered evidence of your intent to distribute.  They will also look at the amount of the drug in your possession.

If you were arrested for possession of a controlled substance, seek the help of an experienced attorney that knows how to effectively maneuver the legal system to fight the charges against you.

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