Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

Choose the best Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney, a former Colorado public defender who has extensive knowledge of Colorado criminal law and an instinct to protect his clients. 

Jeremy Loew is a former Colorado State Public Defender with years of knowledge, experience and skills to provide the best defense for you as a criminal defense attorney.

Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

Exceptional Knowledge Of The Criminal Justice System In Colorado

There’s a lot more to criminal law than knowing various statutes defining crimes where clients are charged. You also need to know the system that covers criminal prosecutions.

The best criminal defense attorney should understand the various procedures adhered to in criminal cases especially in Colorado, El Paso County and the Colorado Springs area.

The Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney should know the procedures followed in the event of pretrial discovery, arraignments and other court proceedings.

Jeremy Loew has years of experience in criminal law with many successful cases under his belt. During his tenure as a Public Defender, he gained the relevant knowledge of the criminal justice system, knowledge and experience needed to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Understanding The Defense Of Criminal Charges

A public defender has first-hand knowledge on how a criminal case is developed, starting with the investigation stage and everything else thereafter. Mr. Loew, formerly a public defender, has prepared various cases for trial and learned exactly what’s needed for a successful defense.

Therefore, by choosing Jeremy Loew as your defense attorney, you have an attorney with first-hand knowledge of Colorado’s legal system.

That’s experience he can put directly to use defending you.

By hiring Jeremy Loew as your defense attorney, you’re doing the right thing, the smart thing. That’s because he can take advantage of the knowledge he has gathered over the years to prepare and prosecute your defense. He will exploit any knowledge possible to get the best possible outcome.

Even better, Jeremy Loew knows how to negotiate properly, to litigate your case for a possible reduction in charges or even a dismissal if at all possible.

Familiarity With The Prosecutors And Judges

Any Colorado Springs criminal criminal defense attorney, especially one who has been defending clients for years, has gotten to know the local prosecutors and judges. The defense lawyer knows their habits, strengths and weaknesses.

Even better, it’s a good platform to create respect with peers, including other defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges to foster good relationships.

Since he was a public defender himself, Mr. Loew may, in fact, already know the prosecutor trying your case, and maybe even the judge who will be hearing it.

Therefore, he can work on these relationships to your benefit, making sure you  get a fair trial.

Knowledge Of The Law

With his years of experience, Jeremy Loew has gained a lot of knowledge about the law from all the cases he defended. Whether it was a misdemeanor or a felony, he has handled them.

As your defense attorney, Jeremy can apply that experience directly to your defense. 

You should understand that criminal law is quite complicated to anyone without specific experience and can be quite confusing to beginners. Jeremy Loew has enough experience as a public defender and intimate knowledge of criminal law in Colorado to aggressively defend you from virtually any criminal charges.

Types Of Criminal Charges Mr. Loew Defends

Under his law offices, Mr. Loew defends various clients with numerous criminal charges. Whether it is felonies or misdemeanors, he can handle it all. Also, he specializes in defending assault crimes, violent offenses, drug crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence accusations and child abuse and many other charges.

You can see many more specific crimes Jeremy defends HERE.

We are here to provide the best legal assistance if you’ve been accused of a crime in Colorado Springs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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