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Dealing with the criminal justice system when you’re charged with a felony in Colorado Springs can leave you feeling confused, scared, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

There are many uncertainties and the stakes are high.  There are several ways felony cases proceed through the legal system, with various hearings that happen before you even go to trial.

Having a professional, experienced Colorado Springs felony attorney at your side is imperative for surviving the process and ensuring the best outcome possible.

Get Legal Representation Immediately If Arrested.

You’re accused of a crime, and are either arrested or have a warrant served against you.  The basis for the charges is found in the initial police report, and the police will work with the District Attorney’s office to determine what felony charges should be filed against you.

At this point, the police may try to contact you to get your side of the story.  It is extremely important that you secure an experienced criminal defense attorney the minute you’re arrested, since speaking to the police without legal representation may harm your defense. 

Make note of every step the police take at this stage, since Miranda Rights violations are common at this point and can play an important part in your defense.

A criminal defense attorney can cut through the complexities of an arrest.

If you’re arrested, you may be taken to jail, but not always, depending on the circumstances.  An experienced felony attorney can help you cut through the complexities of this part of the process.

If you do go to jail, you will be presented to the judge the next court day so that he or she may make cursory assessment of the charges and set bail.

You will be released when you can post the bond, pending the outcome of the charges; otherwise you will remain in jail until the case reaches resolution.

Make sure you know your rights.

When you’re accused of a felony in Colorado, you must have certain rights explained, which are called Advisements.

Usually at the same time, the initial hearing or arraignment happens, where you are formally read the charges, and you then enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.  Depending on the charges, you may be entitled to a preliminary hearing in District Court, where the prosecution must show enough strong evidence to continue the case against you. Both parties can file any number of motions at the preliminary hearing.

If your Miranda Rights were violated, or if an illegal search was done, your felony attorney would file these motions to exclude these as evidence in the case at this time.

A felony case can take days or months to resolve. Make sure your attorney can go the distance.

A felony case in Colorado can take anywhere from a day, to several weeks or months to complete, depending on the facts of the case and the seriousness of the charges.  Witnesses will testify during this process, after which the jury decides the outcome of the case.

While the process may seem to be pretty cut and dry, the emotions and life-altering repercussions involved are anything but.  A highly skilled, experienced, and professional criminal defense attorney at your side will become your best asset and ally in this fight.

Jeremy Loew tailors his legal defense strategy to address your specific legal needs and provides you with individual, personalized care that only a smaller, more client-focused law firm can.

At Loew Law, you won’t be given the run-around common at large, impersonal law firms.

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