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Is It Possible To Beat My Traffic Tickets?

Yes, It Is Possible To Beat Your Traffic Tickets – But Only With An Experienced Colorado Springs Traffic Tickets Lawyer Who Has Defended Thousands Of Cases.

I Can Beat Your Traffic Tickets – But Only If You Act NOW! – Jeremy Loew

Beat Traffic Tickets

How A Traffic Tickets Lawyer Can Help

Getting traffic tickets can increase your car insurance costs by hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.  Even a single traffic ticket is enough to raise your insurance and can increase police interest in your driving habits for years to come.

If you have several violations or have earned an habitual traffic offender (HTO) designation your life could change radically as being an HTO requires a mandatory prison sentence! An arrest for DUI (driving under the influence) can also have serious implications in both costs and potential jail time too.

Charged Does Not Always Mean Convicted

Being charged for a traffic violation by a police officer does not automatically mean that you are going to be convicted. If this happens, you should look for help from a traffic ticket attorney. Your attorney will be able to offer advice and guidance to help lessen the impact of your case. They could also help to eliminate the impact completely in some cases.


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You May Not Have To Appear In Court

A traffic ticket attorney can help you defend your case and could ensure that you do not have to appear in court at all. Of course, you need to know the exact services that these professionals will be able to offer.

The traffic ticket attorney who represents you might be able to stop your license from being suspended or stop your insurance from skyrocketing after a traffic violation. When you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, you are going to lessen the fear and stress that comes from traffic citations and the tickets that you have. While dealing with your case, your attorney will ensure that you understand all the potential repercussions that you face including:

  • Having your license suspended
  • Seeing an increase in your car insurance premium
  • Being incarcerated (jail)
  • Having to pay a fine

While your attorney will help you understand the repercussions, he will also be able to help you by (possibly):

  • Getting no points assessed to your license
  • Having the ticket changed to a non-moving violation
  • Having all of the charges dropped
  • Avoiding the suspension of your license
  • Stopping you from having to make any court appearances
  • Protecting your driving record
  • Getting the ticket dismissed

Your Traffic Ticket Attorney Should Negotiate

A good traffic attorney will be able to negotiate a ticket down to lessor or no points on your license. Even if you do receive additional points on your license, you may not face the penalty of having your license suspended or revoked.

Your attorney can also petition the court to have the speed lowered on the ticket. If he is able to get the ticket changed to a non-moving violation it will not cause an increase in your insurance premium. Your attorney may also negotiate for you to attend a defensive driving class which will help to have your ticket taken away completely.

There are a lot of different ways that your attorney could help to reduce the impact of a traffic violation.

A traffic ticket can be a serious offense such as reckless driving or it could be a low-point infraction. Regardless of the level of your traffic ticket violation, you need to give it the respect it deserves and consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney to get you the best outcome possible. If you have a commercial driving license, this will be very important as it is your livelihood that is on the line. In any case, you should not go it alone if you’ve been charged with a traffic violation.

Get The Best Legal Representation

Make sure you hire the best traffic ticket attorney to fight your traffic tickets the right way, thus setting you up for the very best outcome possible.


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