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Have You Been Charged With Theft In Colorado Springs?

You need to know that the charges that you’re facing can be complex, confusing and can have devastating consequences if you’re convicted.

Your experienced Colorado Springs criminal attorney will know exactly what to do

Theft is quite a serious charge, regardless of the dollar amount in question, and the type of theft. There aren’t many convictions that look worse for you if you apply for a new job and have to go through a background check, and a theft conviction pops up. You might be someone people can trust to work hard, but they’ll know that in at least one instance, you gave in to temptation and made a serious mistake.

You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with any theft crime.

Dealing with cases  like this isn’t as simple as you might think, since it’s not a single offense that encompasses different classifications of theft crimes. There is a wide range of potential criminal offenses with different penalties and elements or factors necessary for the prosecution to make their case against you.

Keeping it all straight can be really hard for someone who isn’t an experienced defense lawyer.

You Need An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s essential that you hire a criminal defense attorney that understands the charges that you are facing and has the proper experience to deal with defending you. if you’re charged with a crime of theft, The Law Office of Jeremy Loew knows how to defend anyone facing criminal charges, including theft.

We know the law and understand the Colorado criminal justice system. We’re ready to apply our skills in your defense.

What Exactly Constitutes Theft In The State Of Colorado?

Typically, theft means that you knowingly took property without the owner’s permission.

Theft crimes can happen in several different ways, and they all have various penalties involved. Theft might range from a simple credit card transaction to stealing someone’s vehicle. It can even incorporate things like identities, impersonation, government benefits, retailers, and extortion.

It’s not enough that services or goods were stolen, but that the alleged theft was done willingly.

The potential consequences of any conviction for a theft crime range broadly in how severe they are, but you need to take any of them quite seriously. Getting appropriate legal representation is a critical part of getting a good outcome, and our lawyers have the expertise and experience you want on your side if you have to deal with a charge of theft.

Here are many but not all of the potential offenses that could be categorized as theft:

  • Altering a sales receipt
  • The appropriation of someone’s lost property
  • Theft of an automobile
  • Converting services or property that actually belonged to someone else
  • Credit card theft
  • The diverting of services
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion
  • Failure to return any leased property
  • Issuing or making out a bad check
  • The misuse of the power of attorney
  • Obtaining services or property using misrepresentation
  • Stolen property possession
  • Shoplifting
  • Stealing anyone’s property
  • Theft of a means of transportation
  • Theft of any trade secrets
  • Unlawful removal, use, or possession of a theft-detection device

On top of many categories of theft, a lot of these offenses get classified by the value of the specifically involved property in order to determine the penalties. In other words, it’s usually true that the higher the value of the stolen item, the greater the punishment.

Others get classified more by the nature of the property taken to the nature of the actual theft. Theft crimes can be anywhere from misdemeanors up to class 2 felonies.

Theft Penalties In Colorado

  • Section 18-4-401 of the Colorado Revised Statutes covers the various penalties, contingent upon the property value taken.
  • A petty offense can mean up to half a year in jail for anything under $50 in value.
  • A class 3 misdemeanor applies for values of $50 up to $299 and also carries up to half a year in jail.
  • Class 2 misdemeanors for values of $300 through $749 mean up to a year behind bars.
  • Class 1 misdemeanors apply for ranges of $750 up to $1999 and can mean a year and a half behind bars.
  • Property values of $2000 to $4999 are class 6 felonies, with class 5 felonies falling between $5000 and $19,999. Anything from $20,000 up to $99,999 is a class 4 felony, while class 3 felonies deal with cases of $100,000 up to $999,999. Anything a million dollars or above is listed as a class 2 felony.

Felony Theft Charges Can Be Complicated

Keep in mind that the sentencing for felony theft can get very complicated and are often case-specific. If you get charged with any felony, then you need to consult a criminal lawyer regarding both the minimum and maximum prison sentences that you might face.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to many theft cases than just the stealing of property.

For instance, prosecutors might charge a defendant with a related offense, like trafficking in any stolen property. If you buy or sell stolen properly recklessly, then you might face a class 3 felony. If you organize, supervise, manage, or offer to finance for theft and trafficking, then you can get charged specifically with trafficking in stolen property to the first degree; that’s a class 2 felony and has a common sentencing of five years behind bars.

The defense against any theft crime can get complicated, regardless of how simple or basic the actual theft might have seemed like. The severity of potential penalties can quite often shock you. It’s essential that you have retained the services of a veteran and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Colorado Springs who can defend you.

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