Premises Liability

Premises Liability Lawyer in Colorado Springs

If your slip and fall accident (premises liability injury) was due to the negligence of another person/entity, you may be entitled to compensation. At our law office, we will always fight to ensure that you receive maximum compensation. Don’t take the first offer made by the insurance company, but call The Office Of Jeremy Loew.

Among the general standards in premises liability cases are determinations that show:

  • The condition was known but steps were never taken to rectify it
  • The condition was created by the party responsible for the property
  • Enough time had passed by for the party responsible to become aware of the condition that it ought to have been corrected.

Premises Liability and Hazards

Since hazards are not always obvious, as might be present at a swimming pool, construction site, or on scaffolding, insurance companies usually fight hard to deny premises liability slip and fall claims.


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If Injured, Call An Attorney Immediately

If you are injured in any way on public, private, residential, or commercial property, it is important to get in touch with a lawyer to discuss your rights. Accidents that may seem “obviously” the fault of the injured party could actually stem from the property owner’s negligence. When you come to our law office, you can be sure that you will be speaking to a devoted and experienced Colorado Springs premises liability lawyer. We understand the laws that surround these claims and can help you develop a strong, effective case for your injuries.

Call our office for legal assistance with the following types of accidents and issues:

  • Inadequate Lighting Injuries
  • Escalator and Elevator Accidents
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Parking Lot Accidents
  • Negligent Security
  • Injuries in Supermarkets and Other Retail Stores
  • Dangerous Handrails and Stairways
  • Ski Resort Accidents

Evaluating Your Premises Liability Claim

Cases that involve tripping incidents, slip and falls, and other premises liability issues usually depend on several factors, such as whether or not you ought to have been reasonably knowledgeable of the hazard, whether the owner or manager of the property knew of the issue, and whether or not they could have reasonably fixed the issue that directly caused your injuries. Your claim’s strength depends on the specifics of your case. 

For instance:

  • Did someone assault you on another party’s or entity’s property? The owner may have failed to offer adequate lighting or security.
  • Have you lost a loved one in a swimming pool accident? Swimming pool owners are usually required to have and maintain safety fence.
  • Did you slip and fall in a mall, parking lot, or store? Owners of commercial properties are required to ensure that all walking surfaces are free of snow, ice, water, and other hazards and to maintain elevators, stairs, displays, and escalators.
  • Did your loved one fall in a nursing home and is exhibiting unexpected health issues? Nursing home staff members are required to prevent injuries whenever possible and follow care guidelines.

The Law Office Of Jeremy Loew offers our wrongful death and personal injury clients with proven counsel and representation in Colorado Springs. We are here to help you navigate even the most complex premises liability claims.

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Our Colorado Springs personal injury law firm is skilled at fully investigating accidents on hazardous properties for our injured clients as well as their family members. Our legal experience in premises liability ranges from animal attacks and dog bites to cases that involve falling merchandise, broken pavement, structural and architectural flaws, as well as construction site accidents.

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