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Forgery is known as a white collar crime. It’s a crime that involves money, is nonviolent, and typically doesn’t result in anyone being hurt or injured, only objects or papers and data being falsified.

An individual who creates a falsified written document, or when they change a real one to mislead someone or take their property or money, commits the crime of forgery. The act can include filling in the blanks on a document that were left blank, altering or erasing an existing document, or falsifying someone else’s signature.


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There are all types of documents that have been forged or turned into fraud attempts. Documents like: public records, deeds, accounts, tickets, bus or train passes, mortgage documents, checks, bills of sale, and other public records.

Signature Forgery

It’s illegal to sign another person’s name on a document and to them represent that signature as genuine. It is also illegal to use that document knowing it has a forged signature. This means that if another person signed the document, you could be committing an illegal act if you use it to defraud someone, knowing that the signature isn’t valid.

This type of crime is very common in welfare fraud and identity theft. It is also frequently seen with social security cards, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and other papers that relate to food stamps, state benefits, and welfare programs.

There can be issues with these kind of documents being forged in many types of situations, and if you’ve been accused, the penalties can be harsh, so it’s vital that you have a skilled defense attorney

Forgery Is Usually Non-Violent

Forgery is not a violent crime, but the penalties for those who are convicted are usually quite harsh. The federal government tends to take forgery quite seriously, as the documents that are produced tend to be associated with more severe crimes like terrorism. This means that the penalties often don’t coincide with how severe the crime itself was.

If an individual is charged with forgery, it’s important that they find the best criminal defense attorney available for the case. These crimes are often very complicated, with many different parts that need to be proven, and defending yourself in court is not an option.

Forgery  Can Be A Complex Crime To Defend

Proving forgery in court is a complex process that requires reviewing a great deal of evidence. This can include analyzing documents, signatures, and more, and may require forensic handwriting specialists.

All of these can be tough to defend against, and a skilled criminal defense lawyer can help build a strong case for you.

If you have been accused of forgery in Colorado Springs, you’ll need the very best criminal defense attorney you can find. That attorney is Jeremy Loew. Call him today for a free consultation.


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