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A conviction for a gun crime can be quite severe since many of those crimes can potentially involve federal punishment.

Depending on what the specific nature of your gun charge is, you might face heavy fines and lengthy incarceration.  A weapons conviction can significantly impact your eligibility for many jobs, including military service or law enforcement, and your Constitutional right to own a firearm.

This kind of conviction will stay on your permanent record for the rest of your life, which can limit your ability to apply for loans and secure housing, among other important needs. You might have issues with employment too.

Considering recent mass shootings and crimes involving guns, the world does not view those with weapons violation convictions favorably, and the stain that a conviction can leave on your permanent record can prevent you from being able to lead a normal life.

In Colorado, who is prohibited from owning guns?

You cannot legally carry or possess a firearm in the state of Colorado (even one that would be otherwise legal) if:

  • You are a fugitive attempting to escape justice;
  • You are under indictment or have been convicted under federal law or any U.S state law for a felony,
  • You are under a protective order where gun possession is prohibited;
  • You are addicted to, or an unlawful user of a controlled substance;
  • You have been committed to a mental institution or been adjudicated as being a “mental defective”;
  • You are unlawfully or illegally in the U.S;
  • You were admitted in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa;
  • You were dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces;
  • You have renounced your U.S. citizenship; or
  • any crime that is punishable by imprisonment for any term that exceeds one year,
  • attempting to commit a felony,
  • an act that if it were committed in the state of Colorado would constitute a felony, or
  • a domestic violence misdemeanor crime.

You Can Face Charges Even With Gun Permit

If you use your firearm in an illegal way, you still might face criminal gun charges even when you have a valid gun permit.

For example, you cannot unlawfully aim your firearm at another person or recklessly discharge it. If you commit either one of those acts, you can be charged with the class-2 misdemeanor of prohibited use of a firearm.  If you knowingly illegally obtain or purchase a firearm you can face unlawful purchase charge, which in Colorado is a class-4 felony.

Listed below are some of the more common examples of gun violations in the state of Colorado;

Unlawful purchase of firearms.  If you are found to knowingly have purchased a firearm for an individual you know is not lawfully eligible to possess a firearm then you might be faced with a felony charge.  You might also be faced with this type of charge if you are a licensed dealer of firearms and do not display a sign in your store that states the provision of an unlawful purchase.

Weapons Possession by a prior offender.  You lose the right to bear arms after you are convicted of a felony.  If after you are convicted of a felony, if you are found to possess a firearm or other type of weapon, then you may be charged with weapons possession by a prior offender.

Possession of a firearm by a juvenile.  The minimum age for possessing a firearm in the state of Colorado is 18, and the minimum age is 21 for obtaining a concealed carry permit.  As a juvenile, it is illegal in Colorado to possess a handgun with certain exceptions, such as with the permission of an adult owner on their private property or during a legal hunting course. When this provision is violated it constitutes a juvenile gun crime.

Contact An Experienced Gun Crimes Lawyer

If you have been charged with a weapons offense or gun crimes in El Paso County, you need to have an experienced Colorado Springs gun crimes attorney on your side to aggressively work to ensure that your Constitutional rights are protected.  Jeremy Loew is an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney who defends those facing gun crime charges in Colorado Springs and El Paso County at large.

Whatever gun crimes charge you might be faced with, Jeremy Loew is an experienced criminal defense attorney who will listen to your story, thoroughly investigate the condition at the time you were arrested, and build a case for the successful conclusion of your case.

If you have been charged with a gun crime, it is absolutely essential to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Colorado Springs like Jeremy Loew defending your legal rights.

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