Speeding Tickets Lawyer

Is It Possible To Beat Speeding Tickets?

Yes, It Is Possible To Beat Speeding Tickets – But Only With An Experienced Colorado Springs Lawyer Who Has Defended Thousands Of Cases.

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Speeding Tickets Lawyer

Nobody likes to get a speeding ticket. Dealing with speeding tickets is time-consuming, expensive and very annoying. They hurt your budget whenever you are required to pay a fine or when you must pay higher insurance premiums.

Speeding tickets will hurt your driving record with points added.

A few speeding tickets can be quite costly in many ways.

“Beating A Speeding Ticket?”

You might have heard you can “beating” speeding tickets. If you do a search on Google on how to beat speeding tickets millions of results are returned. How is this done?

The plain fact is – you don’t beat a speeding ticket. You hire an experienced local criminal defense lawyer to handle those speeding tickets.

What can a speeding ticket lawyer do that a regular person cannot? Having an experienced  criminal defense attorney by your side to help you contest your speeding ticket can really make a big difference in your case’s outcome. And experience fighting all kinds of speeding tickets for Colorado Springs residents.


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Speeding ticket lawyers often look at three opportunities within the main violation such as;

  • Procedural Violations;
  • Radar Requirement And Maintenance Violations
  • Substantive Violations.

Each offers the possibility of dismissal or a finding of non-committed. They are done in this specific order because the violations that are included in the first category are the easiest to find and destroy the ticket’s legitimacy completely.

When you get to category three, substantive violations, it starts to be more of a gray area where a non-committed finding may or may not be the result.

Procedural Violations

Procedural violations, deal with the courts, the prosecutor, and the cops, and follow the rules that traffic infraction cases require. Although for speeding ticket lawyers they are quite easy to check, for a majority of people with an untrained eye, they would not be caught.

If a procedural violation is found, the result is the outright dismissal of the ticket.

Equipment And Maintenance Violations

Maintenance requirements and radar maintenance records are another avenue that a traffic ticket lawyer can possible get the speeding ticket dismissed or reduced. Since radar is the technology that is used the most to catch a speeder, evidence and certain information of the radar gun that was used for the ticket has to be presented into evidence.

Since radar guns are a type of scientific machines that use scientific information there are specific things that have to be presented to the court in order to satisfy it that the machine actually does what it is supposed to do and on that particular day was doing what it is supposed to do, and was calibrated properly to be accurate.

A violation here, with procedural violations, can result in the case being dismissed (although it is due to evidence being excluded from the hearing in this case) if the attorney has done his or her job well.

Substantive Violations

Finally, if the first two avenues do not work out, then the third avenue to try is to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to enable a court to find that an infraction has been committed.

Usually, that means reviewing the officer’s report for any omissions or mistakes that will make a ticket unenforceable. That goes back to an experienced lawyer once again.

Often something may be found here that will make a convincing argument in court that will induce a certain amount of doubt on the law enforcement side of the table. An attorney who has worked many speeding ticket cases learns the ins and outs of presenting the case to a judge, information and experience that the average citizen just doesn’t have.

Ultimately, a speeding ticket can often be reduced in severity or dismissed altogether. Theoretically, it is something you can yourself, however, the expertise and skill that an attorney brings to the table will greatly increase the chances of a victory for you.

Get An Experienced Speeding Tickets Attorney To Fight For You

So the next time you get a speeding ticket, you should call Jeremy Loew to help you with your speeding tickets. Doing so could mean the difference between losing your driving privileges and having a clean driving record and low insurance rates.


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