Sexual Assault Attorney

​Understanding Sexual Assault

Being charged with sexual assault can come with serious stigma and consequences in in your life. The charge can change anything from the way people perceive you to your standing in the society in which we live. The stigma alone that comes with the accusation can follow you around regardless of conviction.

Colorado Springs sexual assault attorney

Consequences of a sexual assault conviction follows most people around forever.

Your sexual assault attorney should be very sympathetic to the situation you’ve found yourself in and keep you walking through the seemingly unending process of defending yourself against these accusations and understanding what steps remain ahead.

What Are The Details Of The Sexual Assault crimes?

Sexual assault is usually defined as an action that involves either actual or threatened force against another person in the hopes of gaining non-consensual sexual activity from the alleged victim. These crimes span from sexual harassment to groping all the way to battery or rape.

Accusations of sexual assault can result in federal charges being filed. According to, “Some sex crimes when aggravated become federal level due to the severity or additional aspects related to the initial crimes.”

Should I Hire A Lawyer Who Is Experienced In Sexual Assault Accusations?

It’ll be tremendously difficult to start over once you’ve been convicted of non-consensual sexual activity against another person. The consequences can change your life forever. It can include time spent in prison or jail, being limited by probation or being on the registry for the rest of your life.

It’s important to summon the strength to confront those who’ve pushed that claim against you and file for damages. If the supposed victim is pretending that they didn’t consent they are liable in a court of law and can face criminal penalties along with civil. It is a gray area however.

The ambiguity of consent can mean a case being dismissed before ever making it to an arraignment. To obtain the best resolution for the case, you need an experienced Colorado Springs criminal lawyer who truly understands the legal system.

Penalties For A Sexual Assault Conviction

A conviction can give you a stay in prison, force you into rehabilitation programs, and/or put you on the mandatory sexual offender list for a lifetime. You may also be obligated to pay a hefty fine or participate in community service activities.

Building Your Defense

Bringing about a good defense can be difficult as this is no easy crime to defend someone against in a lot of situations. Due process means you must be able to effectively defend yourself in a timely manner and the aftershocks aren’t at all like they’re like on T.V..

These charges pose serious implications for the accused. It’s important to find a qualified attorney to jump in for the defense. It’s important to remember that you’re innocent until proven guilty.

A qualified and aggressive enough attorney, who’s also sensitive to your situation, understands this and will work hard to fight for your freedom. It’s sad that innocent people are falsely accused all the time for this life ruining crime. It could be a tender date you didn’t call back or an ex-spouse who wants revenge because you’ve left them. It could also just be someone who’s out to ruin your reputation.

Remember, a guilty verdict is always possible. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced attorney on hand.

Understand what criminal defense attorneys know:

• Ensuring the prosecution provides credible witnesses
• Making sure the prosecution proves an airtight case and that all their evidence is prepared
• They can help reduce the charges
• Finding the best defense possible for you by truly examining your case.
• Providing proof that you’re innocent
• Discovering if the crime was actually committed

Have you recently had false accusations of sexual assault levied against you? It’s important to find an experienced attorney if it occurs. The Law Office of Jeremy Loew is ready to help you out by providing the best defense possible. Call for an opinion today.


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