Driver’s License Reinstatement

 Is Driver’s License Reinstatement Possible In Colorado?

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Driver’s License Reinstatement – Aggressive Legal Action To Get You Back On The Road!

Reinstating a driver’s license in Colorado involves several steps and requirements, which can vary depending on the reason for the suspension or revocation. The process is generally overseen by the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Below are the typical steps and considerations for reinstating a driver’s license in Colorado:

1. Understanding the Reason for Suspension/Revocation

  • DUI/DWI: If your license was suspended due to a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired), you must complete specific requirements like alcohol education and treatment programs.
  • Accumulation of Points: Colorado uses a point system for traffic violations. Exceeding the allowed number of points can lead to suspension.
  • Unpaid Tickets or Fines: Failure to pay traffic tickets or fines can result in a suspended license.
  • Other Reasons: There are various other reasons like driving without insurance, which can lead to suspension.

2. Fulfilling Requirements

  • Waiting Period: There is often a mandatory waiting period before you can apply for a driver’s license reinstatement.
  • SR-22 Insurance: For certain offenses, such as DUI, you may need to obtain SR-22 insurance, a type of liability insurance that proves you have the minimum required coverage.
  • Alcohol Education and Treatment: Mandatory for DUI offenses.
  • Paying Fines: Any outstanding fines or fees must be cleared.
  • Traffic School: Sometimes, attending traffic school can be a requirement or help reduce points on your license.

3. Application for Reinstatement

  • Reinstatement Forms: Complete the required reinstatement forms, available on the Colorado DMV website or at DMV offices.
  • Fee Payment: There is typically a reinstatement fee. This fee can vary based on the reason for suspension.
  • Submission: Submit the forms along with any required documentation (like proof of SR-22 insurance) either online, by mail, or in person at a DMV office.

4. Additional Considerations

  • Interlock Devices: For DUI offenses, you might be required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.
  • Probationary License: In some cases, you might be issued a probationary license with certain restrictions before getting a full reinstatement.
  • Commercial Drivers: CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) holders may face additional requirements and stricter penalties.
  • Out-of-State Issues: If your license was suspended in another state, those issues must be resolved before Colorado will reinstate your license.

5. Post-Reinstatement

  • Maintaining Good Driving Record: It’s crucial to maintain a clean driving record post-reinstatement to avoid future suspensions.
  • Insurance Rates: Expect your insurance rates to be higher after reinstatement, especially for DUI offenses.
  • Periodic Reviews: In some cases, your driving privileges might be subject to periodic reviews.

6. Legal Considerations

  • Consulting with an Attorney: In cases of DUI or other serious offenses, consulting with a Colorado Springs traffic or DUI attorney can be beneficial.
  • Understanding Your Rights: Knowing your legal rights during this process is important.

It Is Possible For A Driver’s License Reinstatement

Driver’s license reinstatement in Colorado requires careful attention to the specific requirements related to the reason for suspension. It involves completing any mandated programs, submitting necessary documentation, and paying applicable fees. The process aims to ensure that individuals meet all legal and safety standards before their driving privileges are restored. Always refer to the latest guidelines provided by the Colorado DMV and consider legal advice for complex situations.


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