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Are You A Military Member Who Is Accused Of A Crime?

If you are accused of a crime as a first-time offender in a civilian court, often you can be let off with either a slap on the wrist or probation.

However, this is a different story when it involves a military court.

Compared to military courts, civilian courts can appear like a walk in the park.

Colorado Springs Military Attorney Matthew Roche

Colorado Springs Military Attorney Matthew Roche

This is exactly why you need a military attorney. You need an attorney who has direct experience defending members of the US military.

Military courts are well-known for harsh sentencing for someone who is convicted of a crime, even a first-time offender. It doesn’t matter if you are a member of the Air Force, Marines, Navy, or Army if you are accused of committing a crime.

Furthermore, it’s critical to contact a skilled and experienced military attorney who can defend you effectively against very strict military justice.

Military Attorney – Experienced & Aggressive

Whenever a military service member is faced with a court-martial courts-martialcourts-martial, it’s essential for the person to fully understand what she or he is faced with. Indeed, the accused often does not realize how serious the situation is until it is too late.

In many cases, the Prosecution will have many paralegals and attorneys working diligently to put you in prison for as long as possible. The accused often feels helpless, overwhelmed, and scared when having to deal with the Military Justice system. Therefore, they may feel that the only choice they have is to plead guilty quickly.

From our experience, automatically pleading guilty is a lose-lose situation. More than likely there are avenues that you just don’t see that can lead to a great outcome if you engage the legal system with the right attorney.

You Have The Right To Choose An Attorney

Typically, you will not have a choice when it comes to which attorney gets assigned to your case. However, you do have the right to hire your attorney. That attorney is your advocate, an attorney who is aggressively and intelligently working for you to get the best outcome possible.

We at The Law Office Of Jeremy Loew recommend that you don’t take chances on the quality of the attorney who the military system assigns to you. The luck of the draw can result in you receiving an acceptable attorney to represent you.

However, you also could end up with a new and inexperienced junior lawyer who is getting her or his first experience inside a courtroom. Are you willing to take a chance on your freedom and your future?

Why take such a big chance on your defense since your life could be on the line? It is important to have an attorney working only for you due to the severe punishment that is likely to be imposed if you are convicted of the crime you have been charged with.

For The Best Outcome, Choose An Attorney With Military Experience

Depending on how severe the crime is that you are being accused of, it might result in you being faced with court-martial that can end up having disastrous results for you. Or you might need to take a cut in pay or pay a fine. You also could end up being dishonorably discharged. In the worst-case scenario, you could be faced with a long prison sentence.

No matter what you are faced with, an aggressive attorney who is experienced with military courtrooms is the best option you have for a positive outcome for the offense you have been accused of.

If you are an armed forces member and have been accused of a crime, then take full advantage of your right to remain silent and request the most experienced and aggressive military attorney who can help you beat the charges that you are accused of.


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