Marijuana Use Penalties In Colorado

Can You Be Charged For Marijuana Use In Colorado?

Even though it is legal to use marijuana in Colorado, there are some rules for its use If you get into trouble with marijuana laws, I can protect you.

Marijuana Use Penalties

In Colorado, the penalties for offenses related to marijuana and marijuana concentrate are defined by state law, reflecting the state’s approach to regulating the use, possession, sale, and distribution of cannabis products. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2012, with the passage of Colorado Amendment 64, the state has established a comprehensive legal framework to govern the marijuana industry, including specific penalties for illegal activities.

It’s important to note that while recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado for adults 21 and older, there are still numerous regulations in place to control the production, distribution, and possession of marijuana, with marijuana use penalties ranging from minor fines to significant prison time, depending on the nature and severity of the offense.


As of April 2023, the possession of marijuana in Colorado is legal for adults aged 21 and older up to certain limits. Adults are allowed to possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana.

Possession of more than the legal amount can result in marijuana use penalties:

  • Possession of more than 2 ounces but less than 6 ounces of marijuana or more than 3 ounces but less than 12 ounces of marijuana concentrate is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $700.
  • Possession of more than 6 ounces of marijuana or more than 12 ounces of marijuana concentrate is a level 4 drug felony, potentially resulting in 6 months to 2 years in prison and/or a fine of $1,000 to $100,000.


The sale and distribution of marijuana without a license are illegal in Colorado. Penalties for unlicensed sale or distribution are severe and include:

  • Distribution of less than 4 ounces of marijuana without remuneration is a petty offense, carrying a fine.
  • Distribution of 4 ounces to 2.5 pounds of marijuana is a misdemeanor, with penalties increasing with the amount distributed. This can result in 6 to 18 months in jail and/or a fine.
  • Distribution of more than 2.5 pounds of marijuana is a felony, with penalties including several years in prison and substantial fines.


Colorado law also regulates the cultivation of marijuana plants, with adults allowed to grow up to 6 plants (no more than 3 of which can be mature and flowering) for personal use, with no more than 12 plants per residence. Penalties for illegal cultivation include:

  • Cultivation of more than 12 plants can result in charges ranging from a misdemeanor for small-scale overages to felonies for larger operations, including potential imprisonment and significant fines.

Other Related Offenses

Other marijuana use penalties include driving under the influence of marijuana (DUI), public use or display of marijuana, consumption of marijuana on licensed premises, and underage possession or use of marijuana. Each of these offenses carries its own set of penalties, ranging from fines to jail time.

Marijuana Use Penalties – Legal To Use Under The Law

While Colorado has progressive laws regarding marijuana use, it also has strict regulations and penalties for violations. The state’s approach aims to balance the legalization of marijuana with public safety and control over the distribution and use of cannabis.

It’s crucial for individuals in Colorado to understand these laws and regulations to avoid legal issues related to marijuana and marijuana concentrate. Always check the most current laws, as legislation and penalties can evolve.


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