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Fight Your Traffic Ticket With A Colorado Springs Traffic Lawyer!

I have worked with many Colorado drivers who wrongly believed that traffic tickets aren’t worth their time, expenses or efforts to fight. In fact, I have helped many clients save money by avoiding the exorbitant fines and penalties associated with speeding tickets and moving violations.

Not to mention, if you don’t fight your ticket, you’ll see a significant increase on your next car insurance bill!

Have you recently received a traffic ticket? If so, why not have a top Colorado Springs traffic lawyer fight the charges for you? All you need to do is call 719-387-4111 to find out what your options are!

You need someone with experience and the skills to help you make the most of your situation, which is why we believe The Law Office Of Jeremy Loew can help.

With any traffic violation you run the risk of excessive fines, license suspension or traffic school, increased insurance rates, and of course, potential jail time. These are all instances that are easily mitigated with the right lawyer.

Why You Need A Lawyer With Experience In The Field!

My name is Jeremy Loew, and I am an experienced Colorado Springs criminal attorney who can help. I, along with fellow attorney, Matt Roche, can dispute any traffic violations you may have received in the courtroom and ensure fair negotiations for a lesser charge if necessary.

Matthew Roche

Matthew Roche

Did you fail to appear in court for your hearing? If so, a bench warrant is issued by the state. Fortunately, I can help you clear that up as well and avoid an embarrassing arrest before friends and family!

If this traffic ticket isn’t your first offense and you’re a repeated offender, your license may get suspended. In fact, 12 points is all it takes to lose your license in Colorado. I can fight for your rights and ensure that your hearing goes in your favor.

In addition, by contesting your traffic ticket in court, you can prevent your insurance rates from skyrocketing!

Are You Planning On Disputing Your Charges?

A traffic lawyer can help you diminish the effects of a serious traffic infraction. Whether you have a minor or a major charge brought against you, I can fight for you to help you dispute the charges in court.

Lesser traffic violations are dealt with out of the courtroom with a court appearance only necessary if you’re planning to dispute the charges against you. However, with more serious charges, it is commonplace to face a judge. A good lawyer can help you dispute the raised allegations against you and get you a fair trial if you believe your traffic ticket is unfair.

Traffic violations lawyers such as myself find most of our cases from individuals who have simple moving violations. Oftentimes, these cases can include a number of different infractions such as speeding over the limit, reckless driving, running red lights or a number of other potential violations.

Let Us Fight For You!

When you are faced with a traffic ticket, you only really have two options. The first, of course, is to pay the fines and in doing so, you admit and accept your guilt. Your second option is to let a Colorado Springs traffic lawyer help you fight the ticket and represent you in a court of law.

Of course, the best course of action will depend on your personal circumstances and how the charges may affect your driving record, which is why you need the best Colorado Springs traffic attorney on your side!

Are you willing to fight that traffic infraction? If so, you will need to face a judge and present your case to the corresponding court where you’re assigned. Having a lawyer in your corner will allow you to get the latest information on your rights as well as the best representation to get the case resolved.

Let us handle your ticket! No need to plead guilty or pay all of those unnecessary fines that may tarnish your record.


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