Colorado Drivers Point System

How Does Colorado Driver’s Point System Work?

A lot of states use their own ” driver’s point system” that is meant to officially track any traffic violations and traffic offenses. This includes Colorado. Any driver that accumulates a certain number of points in a specified period can end up losing their privilege of having a driver’s license.

Colorado Driver’s Point System – Everyone Starts At Zero

Under Colorado’s traffic laws, everyone starts with a clean slate as far as their driving record is concerned. Anytime a driver gets points from a driving infraction in Colorado Springs, they get points posted to their driving record.

An official conviction occurs whenever:

  • a driver/person enters a guilty plea and acknowledges guilt by paying for the offense or accepts a conviction as a result of a plea agreement.
  • In certain circumstances involving the driver not appearing in court or failing to pay for the ticket.

There are different points assigned based on the infraction. Typically, the more serious the infraction/violation – the more “points” will be attached to it.

Any points that are assessed against a Colorado Springs are not erased once the individual gets a new license or when they have their license reinstated. While the older points do lose their significance as it relates to getting the license suspended, they don’t expire over time. Because of this, they do remain on the driving record indefinitely.

How Many Points Can I Accumulate Before Losing My Driving Privileges?

In the state of Colorado, any driver between the ages of 16 to 18 can accumulate a total number of 6 points in a rolling 12 months or 7 points for the total license period. A teen driver would only be able to accumulate a total of 7 points from 16 to 18 years of age to lose their driver’s license.

For any driver that is 18 to 21 years old, they would be able to accumulate as many as 9 points in a 12-month rolling period or 12 points over 24 months, or 14 points for the total license period. Lastly, whenever a driver turns 21, they would be able to accumulate up to 12 points within a 12-month rolling period or 18 points in a 24-month rolling period.

Traffic Violations and Points

The State Of Colorado Has These Associated Points With Traffic Violations:

1. Speeding:

– 5 to 9MPH over the limit = 1 point.
– 10 to 19MPH over the limit = 1 to 4 points.
– 20 to 39MPH over the limit = 6 points.
– 40 or more over the limit = 12 points.

2. Failure To Wear a Seatbelt = 2 points.

3. Failure To Yield Right Of Way = 3 points.

4. Careless Driving = 4 points.

5. Improper Lane Passing = 4 points.

6. Failure To Show Proof Of Insurance = 4 points.

7. Running A Stop Sign Or Stoplight = 4 points.

8. Reckless Driving = 8 points.

9. Racing = 12 points.

10. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) = 12 points.

11. Leaving The Scene Of An Accident = 12 points.

12. Evading a Police Officer = 12 points.

How Do I Know How Many Points I Have On My License?

You can always check the official status of your license by heading to Colorado’s DMV website. The official website is You can always research how many points you’ve accumulated, get a comprehensive overview of the tickets you’ve received, see what accidents have been documented, and what violations or citations have been reported.

To access your driving record online, you must input a valid email address and a current credit card. It will cost a total of $10.

DMV Point Hearing – Time Period Of License Revocation

If you end up getting your license suspended because you’ve accumulated too many points for your age bracket, you will likely have a hearing to determine how long your license will be revoked. Any person that has been cited for a lesser offense that results in fewer points could end up getting their license revoked for a shorter duration than those who have incurred more serious offenses that have more points attached to them.

How To Get Your Driver’s License Reinstated In Colorado

Any person looking to get their license reinstated is going to need to show valid proof of liability insurance and pay the official processing fee totaling $95. You can visit the official website at ( to get more information about the reinstatement process in Colorado.


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