If you or a loved one has any type of outstanding (active) warrants in the Colorado Springs area, contact Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney Jeremy Loew. He has assisted many Colorado residents with resolving all types of outstanding warrants.

Warrants can be issued, by a judge, for searching a car, searching a person, or even searching your home. The most common arrest warrants are for “Failure To Appear” warrants, often for failing to comply with probation conditions or a missed court appearance.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if an arrest warrant has been issued. In fact, many people who never knew they had an active arrest warrant learn about the warrant at a traffic stop, and a bench warrant can mean an immediate arrest!

Never take a warrant lightly!


In the United States, and in Colorado in particular, there are several types of warrants that law enforcement officials can obtain to conduct searches or make arrests. Here are the most common types of warrants:

Arrest Warrant: An arrest warrant is a document issued by a judge or magistrate that authorizes law enforcement to arrest and detain an individual suspected of committing a crime.

Search Warrant: A court order that authorizes law enforcement officers to search a specific location or property for evidence related to a crime.

Bench Warrant

A warrant issued by a judge for the arrest of an individual who has failed to appear in court or has violated the terms of their probation or parole. A bench warrant is an authorization for an immediate arrest of a defendant.

When a person is required to appear in court for a hearing, trial, or other legal proceeding, and they fail to appear, the judge can issue a bench warrant for their arrest. The warrant allows law enforcement officers to arrest the person and bring them before the court.

Bench warrants can also be issued for individuals who have violated court orders, such as failing to pay fines, failing to complete community service, or violating the terms of their probation or parole.

Once a bench warrant has been issued, the individual may be arrested at any time and may be held in custody until they can be brought before the court. It is important to take bench warrants seriously and to comply with court orders to avoid potential arrest and legal consequences.

Fugitive Warrant

A warrant that’s issued for the arrest of a person who has fled or is attempting to flee from law enforcement.

Civil Warrant

A warrant is issued in a civil case that requires an individual to appear in court or comply with a court order.

It’s important to note that these warrants are legal documents that require probable cause and must be issued by a judge or magistrate before they can be executed by law enforcement.


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