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What Is A Restraining Order?

A Restraining order, also known as a no-contact order and protection order, are to establish no contact between people when one of those people is thought to be at risk of harm from the other.

Restraining orders are often put into place to prevent domestic abuse and assault. These are civil court orders, sometimes called protective orders, and work by putting a “shield” around the victim as they enforce a no-contact zone. Police officers are responsible for enforcing these court orders.

In Colorado, the definition of a Protection Order is any Order that forbids the Restrained Person from any contact, touching, injuring, assault, threatening, stalking, harassing, intimidating, sexually assaulting, molesting, or abusing any Protected Person.

Also, the Restricted Person is banned from entering the premises or coming within a specified distance of the Protected Person. The Restrained Person is also prohibited from concealing, harming, transferring, threatening harm, or disposing of and animal that the Protected Person owns, possesses, keeps, or leased.

Applying For A Restraining Order

In order to apply for a restraining order, it is not required to file a police report or press criminal charges. The process is separate and involves its own documentation and hearings.

Several legal steps are required to pursue a restraining order. You need to get the right forms, complete this paperwork accurately, and then file it with the court.

Also, you stand before a judge to establish your case. While going through the process, you must make sure that all necessary legal standards are met as well.

False Allegations

Restraining orders perform an important service when they protect potential victims. However, they can be abused, especially in cases that are emotionally volatile. Many of the accusations that result in restraining orders are authentic, some are not. There are times when one spouse accuses the other of violent acts to avenge a nonviolent act.

Restraining orders may also be used as a tool to try to gain sole custody of the children in a separation or divorce.

Contact An Experienced Colorado Springs Restraining Order Attorney

A restraining order can work well to help those in real danger, or it can be used as retaliation if filed falsely. If you find yourself in a situation where you are facing a restraining order hearing, give Jeremy Loew a call, whether you are the plaintiff or defendant.


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