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What Is A DUID?

When most people hear the term “DUI,” they think of alcohol. They may even believe that the only way to face such a charge is to be caught with a blood alcohol level that exceeds the legally allowable threshold.

However, driving under the influence can involve substances besides just alcohol. An offense known as DUID is another possibility with which every driver should be familiar.

DUID AttorneyThe term “DUID” refers to driving while under the influence of one or more drugs. Illegal substances in any detectable amount has the potential to result in a conviction that brings serious consequences.

In Colorado, this type of offense is the same as an alcohol-related DUI or DWAI when it comes to potential penalties. The only distinction is that it results from the use of drugs instead of alcohol.

Colorado motorists may face a driving under the influence charge if they are in physical control of a vehicle or are driving with narcotics, prescription medications or even alcohol in their system to the point where their abilities are markedly impaired.

Legally Prescribed Drugs And Driving

It is even possible for someone who is impaired by a prescription drug they have been legally prescribed to be charged with a DUID if they drive while that medication is causing impairment.

Police officers undergo specific training so that they can identify when an individual is impaired by prescription or over-the-counter preparations. Not unlike when intoxication is the result of alcohol, affected individuals may exhibit speech slurring, slow reflexes, bloodshot eyes, and more. They may also appear agitated or even lethargic.

DUID – Just As Serious As A DUI

The ramifications of a DUID charge are quite serious, just like those stemming from a DUI. Repeat offenders are at particular risk of severe punishment including fines, possible jail time, loss of license and more.

  • First-time DUID convictions may bring a 9-month license revocation, potential jail time up to one year, 12 points on a driver’s license, and a fine of up to $1,000.
  • Second-time DUID offenders may face up to a year in jail, loss of license for a year, compulsory public service requirements, and upwards of $1,500 in fines in addition to court costs.
  • Those convicted of DUID for a third time may face jail time of up to one year, one year without a license, up to $1,500 in fines (not to mention court costs), compulsory public service of up to 120 hours, and 2 years of probationary supervision.

Because of the potentially life-altering implications of a DUID conviction, it is incumbent on all Colorado drivers to be familiar with the law and seek the help of an experienced Colorado Springs criminal attorney if facing a DUID charge.


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