Remember This If You Are Arrested

​Getting arrested may be one of the worst experiences of your life.

Imagine being humiliated by the police officers and staying in the lockup with other prisoners. Even good people who accidentally make a mistake suffer from the ramifications of an arrest, something that they remember for a lifetime.

An Arrest Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty

What many people don’t remember is that the court of law needs to prove that you are guilty of the crime you are accused of. An arrest doesn’t mean you must spend years in jail.

arrested in colorado springsIf you can prove your innocence, the court can relieve you of your offenses.

According to the local laws in Colorado, the police should have enough proof before arresting you. They either need to catch you during criminal activity or come with an arrest warrant.

Sometimes, the police may detain you instead of placing you under arrest. This usually happens when there are multiple suspects for a case. The police need to book the convict after putting him under arrest. They may release the convict on bail and wait for him to make a court appearance.

Your Rights While Interacting With The Police

You may feel anxious when you see a police officer coming to talk to you, but don’t forget your rights at such a crucial moment. Always remember that you can remain silent because anything that you say may be used against you in court. You also have the right to an attorney and there are no compulsions to speak to the police officers if you don’t want to.

Sure, you may want to defend yourself at any cost, by talking to police without your defense lawyer present. However, whatever you say may come back to bite you later.

Therefore, only talk to your lawyer about your case and no one else.

If the police arrest you without a warrant, you can review the case with a judge within 48 hours. According to Colorado law, everyone has to be treated fairly until proven guilty.

Always remember that talking to the police without an attorney means inviting trouble. Police officers may want to pin you down with the interrogation techniques but make sure you keep your mouth shut.

Once you start blabbering about the case, it will give the police enough evidence against you. You should call an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney and let him/her speak on your behalf.

An Arrest Doesn’t Mean A Conviction

As already mentioned, you are innocent until proven guilty.

That means if the police arrest you, they can’t confirm that you are guilty unless they have enough proof. It’s important that you work with an experienced lawyer to get you off the hook, and the Law Office of Jeremy Loew ensures that the police don’t rip you off your rights.

It’s essential that the police officers follow the right protocol while arresting someone. They need to read out the entire Miranda rights without missing any word. If the police miss out on any rights while arresting you, it makes your case stronger.

The Police Can’t Force You To Answer Questions

There is no way that the police can force or intimidate you to answer any question. As mentioned earlier, you have the right to remain silent until you speak to your lawyer.

The police may question you for hours, but there’s no compulsion to answer their questions.

Keep Calm And Don’t Resist The Arrest

It is wise that you don’t delay or resist an arrest if the police have probable cause. The police may charge you with a misdemeanor of resisting arrest, such as providing a false ID to delay the arrest or running away from the police.

If the Colorado police arrest you, make sure you cooperate with them even. You may eventually get released by the court if they wrongfully arrest you.

Apart from resisting the arrest, don’t try to run away or get physical with the arresting officers. This would mean that you are guilty of the charges. In fact, you may end up hurting yourself as law enforcement offers have the right to use their weapons or reasonable force on those who resist arrest.

It’s tempting to shout at the police if they wrongfully arrest you. Don’t do that. Instead, be polite and courteous. Your behavior also goes into the police records. The judge will make a note of that while hearing your case.

Don’t Consent To Searches If Arrested

What if the police arrest you from your home? They may want to search your house and car. Remember, you can withhold your consent. Sometimes, investigating officers come with a search warrant. It allows them to not only search your home but also impound your car.

Some officers trick people into complying with a search request. Don’t fall for that trick. Remember, you have the right to not answer their questions and refuse police searches without a warrant. You can also refuse to tell them anything unless you have a lawyer by your side.

If the police declare that they have incriminating evidence against you and a search warrant, you may not be able to stop them from searching your house. The pieces of evidence they find may be used against you in court.

Get in touch with a reliable and experienced Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

It is easy to panic if the Colorado Springs police arrest you. Don’t panic, we are here to help you.

If you are not sure what to do next, you can call top Colorado Springs criminal lawyer in the city, Jeremy Loew. Over the years, he has handles thousands of cases successfully.

If you want a ticket to freedom, you should contact him right after the police arrest you.


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