Petty Offenses in Colorado Springs

The category of petty offenses represents the least serious of crime classifications in the state of Colorado.

As far as the various branches of the Colorado criminal justice system are concerned, all crimes are a serious matter. Nevertheless, different levels of crimes will be handled differently and incur the appropriate punishments.

In Colorado, there are two separate classes of petty offenses;

Class 1 Petty Offenses

Class 1 petty offenses are considered more serious than class 2 petty offenses. There are a variety of different criminal behaviors that are classified as Class 1 petty offenses. The category of of petty offenses in Colorado includes:

  • Violating public peace
  • Offenses involving gambling
  • Loitering.
  • Morality
  • Public indecency
  • Third-degree criminal trespass

Class 1 petty offenses are slightly more serious than class 2 petty offenses and will receive a more severe penalty. This may include fines of up to $500 and as much as 6 months in jail.

It will be the circumstances of the crime that decide the final outcome. In many cases, the defendant is eligible to have the crime sealed from their record. Despite the fact that these crimes are not especially serious, there is a chance that certain instances may be considered so because of moral turpitude and this can qualify as grounds for deportation.

For this reason, it is important to bear in mind that even smaller petty offenses can leave a non-citizen vulnerable to deportation.

Class 2 Petty Offenses

Class 2 petty offenses are different from class 1 petty offenses in as much as they are sentenced according to the charge, but the penalties will usually involve fines and possibly jail time.

Examples of Class 2 petty offenses include

  • Public indecency (first offense)
  • Littering
  • Air pollution violations.
  • Providing cigarettes to minors
  • Prostitute making display
  • Theft (if the property is valued at less than $50)
  • Theft by resale of a ski lift ticket or coupon
  • Third-degree criminal trespass (if the land has not been classified as agricultural)

As mentioned, the penalties incurred by class 2 petty offenses are judged by the situation and will not usually involve severe penalties, but there are other considerations.

Petty Offenses Are Not Trivial

Even though many think that a class 2 petty offense is a trivial matter, this can be a serious error in evaluating the gravity of the situation. The probability is that such an error will lead to a permanent criminal record that can be accessed by potential employers, licensing agencies, schools and the public in general.

For this reason it is rarely a prudent move to simply plead guilty to any criminal case, even one as seemingly innocuous as a class 2 petty offense, without a full understanding of the implications of such a decision.

This is where an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer can help to bring about a more positive resolution.

For example, if your attorney is not able to get the case dismissed entirely, they will work hard to ensure that the case against you does not end in a conviction and the subsequent blotch that will be placed on your spotless record.

Charged with a Petty Offense in Colorado Springs?

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