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Research has found that the El Paso County in Colorado Springs can be a dangerous place for pedestrians. Innocent pedestrians are injured and killed each year, often due to the negligence of reckless or inattentive drivers. Unfortunately, due in large part to the physics involved, pedestrians are often grievously injured in a pedestrian vs. car accident on Colorado Springs roads and highways.

Pedestrians hit by trucks or cars often experience serious injury or potentially death.

Pedestrians have the right of way in most situations, but it is important to remember that both the pedestrian and the driver have an obligation to be cautious when travelling around each other.

The responsibilities of a pedestrian include the following:

  • walking in the crosswalk
  • crossing the street only when the walk signal is visible
  • avoid interrupting the flow of traffic by walking or running out into the street

The responsibilities of a driver include the following:

  • obeying the speed limits
  • utilizing turn signals
  • paying attention to the road conditions
  • yielding to pedestrians in the crosswalk

Learn About Your Rights As A Pedestrian Following An Accident

If you have experienced injury based on the negligent or reckless behavior of another person, then Jeremy Loew can help you overcome your ordeal with this catastrophic injury. You should not have to pay for the negligence of another person. All injuries suffered in a pedestrian accident can be severe as pedestrians do not have any protection. Recovering from pedestrian accidents can take weeks or months, and the individual could be left with a permanent injury.

Regardless of whether you are the pedestrian injured in the accident or the driver, you may be eligible for compensation to help pay for the injuries. Our personal injury attorneys will investigate the case and assess a fair compensation for your experience or suffering.

Insurance companies may attempt to pay you less than the full value of your injury claim, but this is not good enough for us! We can assess the situation and build a strong case on what happened to prove that you are not to blame. Our lawyers have several years of experience negotiating with insurance agents to gain the settlements our clients want and deserve. When an insurance company does not want to cooperate, then we take them to court.

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