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How To Handle An Embezzlement Charge

Embezzlement is a white-collar crime. As such, it is usually committed by people in supervisory or managerial positions. It involves people taking money from their company for their own use. Embezzlement happens when people misappropriate cash, funds, checks and other assets belonging to the company. A lot of larger companies have experienced some type of embezzlement.

Here, the money goes missing and it is very hard to track down. For a person to be found guilty of embezzlement the following criteria must be met.

What You Need To Know About Embezzlement

It refers to a variety of theft where a person in charge misappropriates some money or property they were entrusted with. Embezzlement happens a lot in cases where people handle large amounts of money for an organization but they choose to channel the money for their own personal use. To properly define embezzlement, the following criteria will be used.

  • You should have access to funds in your line of work.
  • The money must not belong to you (you don’t have a legal claim over the money.
  • You must take the money with a clear intention of keeping it.
    Simply put, you will become an embezzler if you take money with a clear intention of defrauding the owner.

How Can A Prosecutor Prove Embezzlement?

For a conviction to happen, there needs to be an honest and thorough investigation of the crime. The prosecution should prove that these actions were performed for the charge to hold.

  • You took advantage of your position in the company.
  • You are gaining financially.
  • You are using fraudulent actions to commit a crime.
  • You had the intention of taking money from the company.

Once you have been charged with embezzlement, you need to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent your rights and freedoms. Yes, embezzlement is a serious crime and the severity depends on the particular case. That’s why it’s tough to predict what your exact punishment will be. Most sentences depend on the method of embezzlement and the total amount of money taken. For the larger charges of embezzlement, you can get up to 24 years in jail or a huge fine.

Defense attorneys can try different tactics to overturn or reduce charges of embezzlement for their clients. They can prove that the crime was not actually intentional and was committed by another individual. Even if you are not cleared of all charges, you might get a reduced sentence. For instance, you can pay a fine instead of going to jail. Also, you may do community service instead of paying fines.

Punishments Are Severe For Embezzlement

Choose the best criminal attorney if you have been charged with embezzlement. If you are convicted, the fines can be quite severe as well as jail time depending on your case. Don’t forget that you will lose your reputation and your life will be completely transformed for the worse. It will also trickle down to your family members.

However, if you want to overturn your conviction or get a reduced sentence for an embezzlement charge, you need to hire the best attorney immediately.

The best attorney should be able to look through the evidence, do their own investigation and come up with a good defense that will change the conditions of your case. Take your time to find the right attorney to help you fight your embezzlement charge.


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