I am a Colorado Springs DUI lawyer, and every year at the same time, similar things happen. There is a certain time of the year when I can expect calls to my office asking for help with DUI arrests to increase – extra cases of driving drunk usually come my way.

I expect this to happen without fail this year too. So when does this normally happen? The holiday season, of course – Christmas to New Year.

Why do more people get DUIs during the holiday season?

There are several reasons for this, one obvious and one not so obvious.

First of all, more people are out partying, drinking and driving drunk. The second reason is that the police are on high alert for stopping and arresting people for DUIs, especially at this time of the year.

So why does that occur? Well, let’s think about this for a bit.

First of all, in terms of more individual driving drunk during the holiday season, think about the time of year, normally Christmas through the New Year. Like most holidays, what is involved with those two? It involves visiting with family, coworkers and friends, sharing drinks and dinner, and celebrating the end of another fabulous year, and the beginning of yet another year. There are plenty of Christmas parties, with coworkers and friends, and the drinks are usually flowing quite freely.

How do you get to these parties and back home again – safely?

If you said to use a designated driver, a cab or even Uber, then you are much more responsible than many of the people I know. It may be because those parties have a tendency to end at a late hour that make people believe it will safe for them to drive home – even while their judgement and reactions are impaired by alcohol.

These drivers may be perfectly fine until a cop pulls them over looking for individuals just like them. Or even worse, they’re found after a tragic accident.

That leads me to the second reason why during the holiday season there are so many more DUI arrests. The cops are actually out in force actively looking for people who may have had a bit much to drink. In fact, police may even go so far as to set up something called “sobriety checkpoints” in the hopes of finding those drivers who are driving while legally drunk or impaired.

The police know that lots of people are drinking with their friends this time of year, and don’t tend to think about how they are getting home until the party ends. Since this is true on some level, most people do want the roads out there to be safe for everybody, so police usually increase their patrols during those times to ensure that there aren’t people driving around drunk.

If you are driving around stone cold sober then that is great, but if your breath has any scent of alcohol, whether or not you are driving under the influence, you may find yourself detained or even under arrest (although those are the type of cases that I love to fight as a Colorado Springs DUI attorney).

So play it safe around the holidays. Take a cab when you go out or have somebody who can drive you home when you’ve had a few drinks. These days there’s Uber or Lyft – maybe even better than a cab.

After all, you wouldn’t want to need to come in to see me this holiday season, would you?

However, if you do end up in trouble during the holidays, don’t wait until after the police have released you from custody to talk to a DUI lawyer. Call me right away. Make sure you’ve got an experienced Colorado Springs DUI attorney aggressively defending your rights if you’ve been arrested for any level of DUI.

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