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If you don’t take immediate action, criminal charges will profoundly affect your life. Penalties such as jail time, fines, and the loss of your freedom, not to mention your life as you know it, are likely to follow.

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Jeremy Loew and Matt Roche have been defending the rights of Colorado Springs residents for years, and they know the devastating consequences of not taking action.

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No matter how hopeless your situation seems, Jeremy Loew and Matt Roche have the skills, experience and passion to get you the best possible outcome, no matter how dire your situation is.

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Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney And DUI Lawyer Jeremy Loew

Experienced Colorado Springs Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Defense

criminal defense
If you’re charged with a criminal act in Colorado Springs, you need to be represented by a competent and experienced criminal attorneyLearn More

DUI Defense

dui defense

It doesn’t take much alcohol to get a DUI, especially if it’s a drink or two after work on an empty stomach. If you do end up with a DUI, you need a DUI LawyerLearn More

Domestic Violence

domestic violence defense

Domestic violence claims and convictions can result in severe legal consequences for defendants including criminal penalties, heavy fines, and even jail.  Learn More

Traffic Violations

traffic violations defense

Traffic violations can really add up, costing you a lot of money and even your license. Call Jeremy now and save yourself a lot of grief and money.  Learn More

Personal Injury

personal injury

We are not afraid to go to trial for your personal injury claim! You need a creative and aggressive attorney to pursue your personal injury claim. Learn More

Car Accidents

Car Accident Accident Attorney In Colorado Springs - Call Now!

An experienced car accident attorney is crucial to secure your rights to compensation. If you’ve been in a car accident, give us a call!  Learn More

Why Hire The Law Office Of Jeremy Loew?

1. We Deliver Results!

What really sets the Law Office of Jeremy Loew apart from any other Colorado Springs criminal attorney is the fact that we deliver results for our clients.

Don’t believe us? Read some of our 278 reviews HERE! Our clients speak loud and clear – we deliver results!

Results that matter. Problems solved, jail terms eliminated or dramatically reduced and fines or other serious consequences completely eliminated or reduced.

In other words, we solve our clients’ legal problems.

We care deeply about the outcome of your legal case and we know that preserving your freedom and your legal rights guaranteed under our Constitution is our #1 priority.

2. We Go The Extra Mile For You

We don’t simply claim to go the extra mile for you. We really do put in the effort and the hard work since we understand what it takes to ensure that your legal rights are preserved and protected during your time of need.

We want all of our clients to rest assured they are in the best of hands with The Law Office Of Jeremy Loew

We want all of our clients to know they have hired a Colorado Springs criminal attorney who has the experience, the knowledge and the drive to fight hard for them all the way to the end of their case.

3. A Criminal Conviction Is Devastating

You need to have the best legal representation for a domestic violence defense, a vicious dog bite or a DUI or any felony or misdemeanor criminal charge.

We know that any conviction will have a devastating affect on your life. You may lose your home, your career – even your family. That’s why your fight is our fight. And Jeremy Loew and Matthew Roche is committed to seeing your case successfully to the very end. You have our word on that!

Don’t take chances with your future by hiring an inexperienced attorney! Call Jeremy Lowe today at (719) 387-4111 for your no-obligation, no-cost consultation with a criminal lawyer and a top DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs. We will provide you with the best legal representation from a law firm that has a proven track record of achieving the best results.

It can be emotionally devastating to be arrested for a serious crime. You might have thoughts of fear, anger, regret, and uncertainty about your future. These are all normal emotions to experience if you are in this situation.

Whether you have been officially arrested or are being investigated, the best way to ensure your rights are protected is to exercise your right to have the best legal representation from a smart and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Colorado Springs.

4. Criminal Laws & Legal Procedures Are Complex

An experienced Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney is your protection from an aggressive prosecutor and the State. Prosecutors make a name for themselves based on the criminal convictions they get. So, a prosecutor is extremely motivated to convict you of a crime.

There’s a complex set of criminal laws and legal procedures that, unless you’re an experienced lawyer, would be impossible for you to know.

And with Jeremy Loew standing beside you, you don’t have to have an intimate understanding of criminal law and courtroom procedures.

5.Talk To A Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney!

Do not talk to law enforcement or anybody else about your legal situation until you consult with an attorney or your lawyer is present. We will protect your rights and we will protect you from aggressive prosecutors! Call or CONTACT our office for a FREE Case Review today.

We are fully prepared to aggressively defend you and work hard for you every step along the way.

We defend clients on a wide range of criminal charges. They include speeding tickets, traffic violations, juvenile offenses, domestic violence accusations, sex crimes, violent crimes, drug charges, drunk driving / DUI charges, and all felony and misdemeanor charges in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

If you or a family member needs help or is in trouble, call The Law Office of Jeremy Lowe to get assistance. We provide free consultations and have all of the experience, skill, and knowledge necessary to successfully help you resolve your criminal cases.

6. Get The Best Outcome Possible For Your Case

In a criminal case, a prosecutor is required to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to secure a conviction. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs can select among numerous strategies in order to reduce charges or prove your innocence.

When The Law Office Of Jeremy Loew handles your case, you can be confident that we will fully commit to providing you with experienced, sound and creative legal expertise to achieve the best results possible for your case. We have years of experience successfully defending thousands of clients in Colorado Springs from aggressive prosecutors.

We know what needs to be done and we do it well.

Of course, the best defense is that you did not commit the crime. All criminal defendants are presumed to be innocent until they are proven guilt through either a guilty please or a trial. Due to presumption of innocence, the burden to prove guilt is with the prosecutor. However, the defense can also present evidence in order to raise reasonable doubts and to make the job of the prosecutor harder.

That’s why our attorneys both worked for the District Attorney as Public Defender and as prosecutor. This experience gives us an edge in defending you because we know how the system works and how to defend you best. We know the tactics and the law in all critical areas.

In addition to providing the best defense possible, we also will work to get your released from jail while you are awaiting trial. If necessary, we will work to persuade the judge to reduce your bail so you can return to your regular life and help to prepare your defense.

7. We Are Not Afraid To Go To Trial

Unlike some attorneys, Jeremy Loew is not afraid to go to trial! Granted, going to trial is not always the first plan of action, but if a trial in a court of law is your best option, then we are ready!

Get A No Cost, No Obligation Case Review With An Experienced Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime in either Colorado Springs or one of the surrounding cities, it is very important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Jeremy Loew will fight for your rights aggressively and work hard to obtain the most favorable result for you.

Contact HERE or call The Law Office of Jeremy Loew today for your no-obligation, no-cost, free case review.

Reach out today if you’re in trouble – I can help.

Criminal Attorney Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Speak With Law Enforcement?

The Fifth Amendment guarantees your right to remain silent. It is in your best interest that you fully exercise this right. Before answering any questions or giving any statements to law enforcement, request to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Many times, accused persons end up jeopardizing their case by giving statements without first seeking the input of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

While it is often easy to assume that talking to the police will help show that you are innocent, without an experienced defense attorney to hold your hand, this is highly ill-advised.

Remember, anything that you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. In most cases, law enforcement officers will already be in possession of certain facts and information that they will intentionally fail to disclose in an attempt to trick you into making a statement that gets you incriminated. Don’t forget that the courts have made it legal for law enforcement officers to lie to suspects during an interrogation.

Even a simple seemingly innocuous answer to a routine question can turn out to be a huge mistake. A good example of this is when you’ve been stopped on suspicion of DUI (driving under the influence). You might respond truthfully to a seemingly harmless question only to find that your answer gave the officer probable cause for an arrest. Even worse, if your case reaches trial and you testify, the answer you gave the officer will have to be the answer you give at trial – no change.

Regardless of the fact that you were probably tired or upset when talking to the police, or even if you did your best to answer a question that you weren’t quite sure about. The problem is that any inconsistencies in your answer will be quickly singled out and used to prove that you are a list in front of the jury. When you are defending yourself against a criminal charge, this is the last thing you want.

How Does Bail Work In Colorado?

To begin with, bail is the amount of money that a judge sets to let a person get out of jail. A bail bond is a surety bond guaranteed by a bondsman licensed by the state of Colorado. In the event the defendant fails to appear in court, the bond agent guarantees to pay the full amount of the bond to the court.

The Police have contacted me and wants me to talk. What should I do?

There are plenty of reasons why law enforcement might be wanting to talk to you. This can be anything to do with drugs, sexual misconduct allegations, or some type of fraud or felony crime that has come to the attention of the authorities. There is a multitude of reasons why you might find yourself in the crosshairs of the law.

Regardless of the situation you are in, here are some tips you need to follow:

This is what is called pre-indictment representation. At times, it may be due to law enforcement wanting a witness statement or simply because you are the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Keep in mind that the police officers are not legally required to read you your Miranda rights unless you are taken into custody.

Also, you are not legally entitled to have an attorney appointed for you unless you’ve been put into police custody and have been presented before a judge. This is why it is crucial to retain your attorney from the get-go. And when doing this, you need to ensure that you get an experienced attorney who knows exactly how to get you out of your current predicament.

How much does it cost to get a bail bond in Colorado?

The judge is the party responsible for determining the amount of bond to be set. The bond amount is based on the criminal charges, criminal records, community connections, as well as any prior failures to appear in court.

Bail bondsmen in the state of Colorado typically charge 15% of the bond amount, with a $50 minimum. If you choose to take out a bail bond, you will be able to recover the required amount to get your loved one out of jail without having to pay the full bail amount.

How long does it take to set bail if I've Been arrested?

It typically takes up to 24 hours (or even longer) to set or pay bail. This is all dependent on how busy the jail staff is. We can recommend a bail bond company that moves as quickly as possible and will keep you up to date on all information in regard to your bonding out of jail.

The Police say that I failed a field sobriety test. What is FST, and can I still fight my DUI charge?

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a field sobriety test (FST) is a test formulated to test the level of sobriety of the subject in question – that’s you. It is important to note that you can be perfectly sober but still fail a field sobriety test.

Keep in mind that certain medical conditions may impact the outcome of these tests. You also have to consider the qualification of the individual administering the test. In addition, subjective judgment by the person administering the FST may affect the outcome. These kinds of judgments are subject to prejudice and errors. In many cases, you can successfully challenge a report that claims you failed an FST.

Jeremy Loew Wins Top Attorney Award!

Top Criminal Defense Attorney AwardOut of a field of over 1,000 attorneys, Jeremy Loew was selected as one of the top Colorado Springs DUI attorneys in the prestigious “Colorado Springs Style’s 2022 Top Attorneys” competition. He also won in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, 2020 and 2021! Way to go Jeremy!

If you have been injured or accused of a crime in Colorado Springs you need an attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights and be there every step of the way for the very best outcome.

Contact Jeremy Loew TODAY at (719) 387-4111 for a FREE initial consultation.

Latest Legal Case Victory

$13,000 Or $86,500 Award – What Would You Choose?

About 4 years ago our client was involved in a minor fender bender where she was hit from behind. Her medical bills totaled $13,500. The insurance company’s TOP offer was $13,000. Our client trusted us and we told State Farm where they could put that offer.

We went to trial the end of June and won. This week we received our client’s check for $86,500.

This is millions of dollars off from our biggest case resolution but it sure as hell felt like one of the best!!

Case Results

Case Dismissed

My client was charged with Felony Menacing for threatening a man with a knife. My client was clearly doing so to protect a dog who was being hit and abused by the alleged victim. Through lengthy negotiations with the District Attorney, I was able to get the client’s case completely dismissed.

Case Dismissed, Records Sealed

She was charged with multiple crimes including domestic violence, 3rd degree assault, harassment, menacing and false imprisonment. I met with the client over the weekend after she was released. I was able to begin working with my client to prove that she was the true victim of domestic violence and within weeks of charges being filed, I was able to have my clients case dismissed and record sealed.

Case Dismissed

My client was charged with driving under restraint, also known as DUR. He is a mechanic and needs his place to live and the ability to get to work. I was able to convince the district attorney to dismiss the charges against my client with no jail time because it was in the best interest for him to be able to continue to work.

Felony Reduced To Misdemeanor, No Jail Time!

The client was charged with a string of stolen credit card transactions. Multiple felonies were committed which could result in a years-long jail term. Jeremy Loew was able to get all charges reduced to a misdemeanor. He was also able to get the client no jail time, unsupervised probation and not a single fine! Before the client hired Jeremy Loew, other Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys insisted that a felony conviction was the best outcome possible.

All Charges Dropped Due To Illegal Stop & Search

The client was pulled over while driving, and the police found over 50 lbs. of illegal drugs and more than 12 firearms (guns) in the trunk of his car. Through intense litigation with the district attorney, I was able to get the charges completely dropped, due to an illegal stop and search. No jail time and no charges!

Bar Fight Caught On Video – Case Dismissed!

The client was recorded on video in an altercation (fight) outside a downtown Colorado Springs bar. He was caught on tape assaulting a woman. I was able to get the case completely dismissed. No charges, no jail time!

Local Information

Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

Aggressive, Compassionate Results-Driven Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Law Office Of Jeremy Loew offers one of the very best criminal defense lawyers in the state of Colorado – Jeremy Loew.  Jeremy is a seasoned and experienced Colorado Springs lawyer who focuses tirelessly on the best outcome for his clients.

You never have to worry if Jeremy Loew is all-in for your criminal defense. In fact, he is not afraid to take your case to trial after negotiations have broken down. As you can tell from his many reviews, past clients are thrilled with his work for them. Dedication to duty, personal attention and dogged determination are hallmarks of Jeremy’s service to his clients.

The Law Office Of Jeremy Loew serves people in Monument, Peyton, Falcon, Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City, Fountain/Ford Carson, Security/Widefield, Pueblo and Canyon City.

Law Office Of Jeremy Loew Reviews

By far the best outcome I could’ve hoped for! Jeremy knows the law very well, and certainly understands what needs to be done to help his clients with whatever situation they are in. He’s also very affordable and does not overcharge. I will never go to anyone else for my legal needs!

This gentleman is by far one of the greatest professionals I have worked with. He is kind, intuitive, intelligent, and is a bull in the courtroom. When my family was at its lowest point, Jeremy lent his hand, his time, and easily lost dozens of hours of sleep in our defense. His record of success should be enough to render his services, however the desire we felt during the interview that we felt, and his commitment to protecting my family sealed the deal. We interviewed eight attorneys besides Jeremy. One was a prior DA here in the springs, others were recommended by friends and coworkers who helped them out of a bind. All had great reviews and credentials. I think we chose Jeremy based on his emotional response to our story. There was no judgment, there was no uncertainty in his expression. There was a fire like he saw himself in our predicament and saw injustice. He fought for my family like it was his own and he kept every promise. He was just as dedicated the day after our issue was resolved as he was the day he took our case. If you want a representative that treats you like family and defends yours as if it were his own, he’s your guy. I wish I could find more words to describe how completely satisfied and more, that we are with his services. P.S. be prepared for some life advice after your issues are resolved that really put things in perspective.

In all of my court cases, I have never had such professional, fast, responsive and intensive representation as Jeremy has provided me with. He spoke truthfully and honestly to me about our options regarding the case, always answered my calls any time I needed him, scheduled prompt appointments, encouraged me along the way stay positive and never ever let me down. In the courtroom Jeremy is nothing short of a gladiator, never backing down and always asserting himself in regards to the case and court proceedings. He even went above and beyond to advise me on a case in which I was representing myself. If you need the best criminal defense in Colorado, look no further. Jeremy Loew is #1.

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